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In the December, 1992 issue of the PSSST 'Nudesletter" there was a column on the front page detailing the beginnings of PSSST. At that time the Club was approximately 3 years old having been founded in August of 1989 by 10 charter members. Of those 10 charter members only 5 remained active in the Club as of that 1992 writing and only 1 (David Norton) is still active today. Several of the original members have since passed away. Early members included David Norton, Bob K. (long time Historian of the Club), Frank M., Wes W., Lloyd M. and Al H.

The organization of the Club was first discussed at the home of Al H. in Cat City (as Cathedral City was called in those days). Our name, Palm Springs Social Sun Tanners (PSSST) and logo were designed by David Norton and have been in use since January, 1990. The first set of by-laws appear to have been written in September of 1992.

As with most dynamic organizations much evolution has occurred within PSSST since its founding back in 1989. During the early days of the Club most events were held at various gay resorts in town. Today the major parties are generally held at members' homes with one or two informal "Strip & Dips" held at a selection of gay resorts each month.

During the early years of the Club most social events were centered around pot lucks with the usual complaint that there always was "way to much food." Today most events are "catered" with members of the Steering Committee picking up drinks and party trays at various deli's, restaurants or even from members' kitchens.

To allow sex or not to allow sex has always been a "hot button" within the Club. When first organized, sex was out and a great deal of time and effort went into fighting to keep the Club's image as strictly a Social Club. Later on, through a vote by the membership, the host of each party was given the option of designating an area where sex would be acceptable and that policy continues today even though it is the social aspect of the Club which remains as our main reason for existence.

The Club emails a monthly Nudesletter to each of its members.

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